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Pantyhose were the perfect fashion alternative to stockings.

Additionally, in the late 1960s tights became just as popular. Flat knee boots were popular and often paired with skirts and dresses.

This group rebelled against the war, promoted peace, love, and made a huge fashion statement.

They opted for fashions that were natural and comfortable.

Traditional rounded necklines were still popular in the 1960s, particularly among the "DIY" crowd who were known to stitch their own dresses from home patterns.

These basic dresses were styled in psychedelic, geometric, or whimsical fabrics to counteract the cut and sew design lines that made basic shifts seem somewhat similar.

Styles that began in the decade have had a noticeable influence on the fashions of today. Unlike the previous decades, the 60s were a time of emerging and diverse trends.

From sophisticated and casual to bright colors and bold prints, the 60s embraced it all with stylish flair.

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Cowl back necklines drape down and are cut on the fabric's bias, which means that there will be a considerable amount of naturally "soft" looking drape along the lowest edge.Many of the trends followed what was happening socially at the time, which is evidenced in the extreme hemlines, psychedelic prints, and low heels.