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12-Jun-2019 22:13

The loss of the ability to coordinate our muscles for balancing is one of the main reasons seniors fall and sustain hip fractures.I believe, Z-Coils may actually help in maintaining our balancing system, which of course involves the brain.

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He believes that wellness comes from healthful living, which includes proper nutrition, exercise, and sleep.These are the primary factors that prevent disease, but also need to be addressed in healing from any condition.The crazy girl who has nothing with decorum and ordinary manners!Once you deviate from that position, certain muscle groups get fatigued and problems will result.

For instance, if you are a secretary, and you do not use a headset, and you consistently tilt your head to the side to approximate the head to the phone, you are going to have neck pain.

Our spine by design has several curvatures to maximize our ability to balance, and at the same time minimizes the amount of energy required to maintain this posture.