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These lessons may be reproduced and used for God's glory--for the edification of God's people and the evangelization of those outside of Christ. Deals with inspiration, depravity, salvation, justification, sanctification, eternal security, assurance of salvation, Christian living and many other topics in a simple and clear way.

Good for new believers (or even unsaved people who are seeking) whether adults or teens.

It requires faith to take a situation to God — in all its ugliness and darkness — and lay it at the foot of the cross, trusting fully that he will work to heal the situation. It’s not comfortable, but transformation takes place.

James 1:2-8 tells us: Dear brothers and sisters, when troubles come your way, consider it an opportunity for great joy.

(Proverbs 3:5-6) I can look back at some negative situations in my life and see good in them — God was refining me.

At the time they felt excruciating, but now I see the error of my ways.

Probably the most important study found on this website. Deals with some of the great practical themes of the book of Proverbs such as the sluggard, the fool, friends, drinking, the words of our mouth, sexual temptations, etc. Includes Bible examples of soul winning, how to present the gospel, how to answer common objections, how to reach "churchianity," better understanding Catholics, Protestants and Jews, understanding the cults, how to reach different kinds of people for Christ, etc. A doctrinal and practical study on man's problem and God's solution centered in the Person of God's Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. Good for adults and teens and even juniors (4th-6th graders). Covers growth, confession, the local church, the bible, prayer, Lordship, faith, obedience, knowing God's will, overcoming temptations, etc. Subjects include the fall of man, the flood, Babel, the Exodus, the captivities, the cross, Pentecost, the Reformation, the Pilgrims, the Great Awakening, etc. This study goes systematically through the book of Acts covering all the major events: the beginning of the church, the spread of the gospel, the early persecutions against believers, Paul's missionary journey, etc.

These studies have been used on college campuses for the purpose of evangelism and discipleship. Good for adults, college students and serious teens. Some of the topics include man's origin, man's purpose, man's destiny, the deity of Christ, the sinlessness of Christ, the origin of sin (angelic and human), the significance of the cross both for saved and unsaved. Deals with Creation/evolution issues in a way young people can understand. There are 13 lessons for use in a Sunday School quarter. This study deals with local church truth with an emphasis on the book of Acts.

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Today I meditate on His word when I want to turn toward Him, such as with these 17 Bible verses to calm your nerves.

If you would like to enroll in our New Believers' Correspondence Course and have your lessons corrected through the mail, please Presenting the Person and Work of the Lord Jesus Christ.

This is a chapter by chapter study where the student is forced to see what the chapter teaches by answering various questions. This is good material for an evangelistic Bible study.

- Sunday School & Bible Studies - Help for the Seeking Heart Salvation - Missions & Evangelism - Bible Study - Christian Life - Prophecy - Doctrinal Studies Christian Home & Family - Dispensationalism - Problems with Reformed Theology The Local Church - Studies on Biblical Separation - Order Literature Spanish Studies The studies listed below can be used in different ways. Many of these studies contain 13 lessons which are ideal for use in a Sunday School Quarter.

These studies may also be used as a Bible curriculum for home schoolers. If these lessons are carefully studied, the results could be equivalent to a Bible institute or Bible school education, especially when integrated with other studies available on this website.

I thought it was enough to go to church sometimes and pray, even if I wasn’t sure my prayers were being heard.

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