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31-Mar-2019 16:04

It was an age when young women, as well as boys, were subject to draconian punishments and when the birch could be used on my sex as well as upon males.

It was the era of sometimes extreme corseting, of young women suffering from 'The Vapours' and when women had NO rights whatsoever throughout most of the 'civilised' world.

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The word's narrow Japanese-language usage and broad international usage are often incompatible.… continue reading »

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Time and time again, through my research on these apps and checking in on my daughter’s internet activity, I’ll see where kids are sharing their phone numbers and user ID’s freely. Another habit I’ve observed is when kids will take a screenshot of their conversation or video chat and share that picture on other social networks.… continue reading »

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It was bad enough that she slapped and kicked her dad and never got punished for it, but she started doing it to my son, who just stood there and took it because she was just a little girl. My daughter for instance, will not listen to me when we're at home.… continue reading »

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You will notice the last two paragraphs, with the exception of the name, are identical. Rather than agreeing to a Western Union arrangement, I politely tell her that both my accountant and banker tell me such an arrangement is not an option under the circumstances.… continue reading »

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Many years ago, I met a woman whom I found very unpleasant.… continue reading »

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