Get to wii shop without updating

01-Aug-2019 01:58

get to wii shop without updating-32

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I mean there was a press release like a year or so ago saying that this homebrew stuff would mess with Nintendo licensed games and in turn would not work properly.

I have something like 60 Wii games and all of them have worked peachy with Homebrew installed on my system.

:/ I have got through the error 206672 All i did was download IOS 61 with NUS and install it like it was a channel. I will try later installing more IOS and i will tell how did it result.

I investigated and installed some other IOSes and the problem got solved. Showcase, and for some reason when I try to download it, it says the transaction failed with the error code 204058.

What good is an emulator for n64 games if I can't play any of them? The PSP N64 emulation scene is absolutely abysmal, and the Snes9x port on Wii works a whole lot better than the PSP Snes9x port.

I looked at the wiibrew stuff because I wanted to see if it was as good as the homebrew scene that was on the PSP. PSP does have some gnarly Neo Geo action, and its, of course, perfect PSX scene.

It is really nice to have all my old games in one console.

Uh, well last spring-ish (2009), I heard about this game Super Mario War Wii and I wanted to play it, so since you can't run anything on your Wii without this homebrew application that Nintendo does not release through retail or Wii Shop, you can't play it.

"Oh, well I am just trying to save people the trouble or hassle of not being able to play games.Dagnabbit, this was a nice alternative to having to pull out my NES, SNES, Genesis and other old consoles weekly.I was looking around in the Wii Shop channel for Rondo of blood and was going to buy it, but the console asked me to update, and said yes, and now it effectively killed my wii system.I'm not trying to bash the PSP scene, I love that action, too. Other people need to stop bitching because There's games out there that I'd like to play but can't because it's not in the Wii not install cause it gets rid of homebrew=I cant pirate any more.

The good thing about the Wii is that there is a way to downgrade. and please stop with your weak defenses, the major and overt reason to hack your Wii is to play pirate games, you may be able to do other things but thats true of every hacked system ever but still the major reason to do it is to pirate. My wii is hacked...though I never played it...which is just sad..

I have enjoyed this game a bunch with friends, and I am just letting people know my experiences through updating.

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