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Picture on" class="col-xs-12 col-md-5 col-lg-4 chatroomslist-img img-responsive pull-left" src="/images/chatrooms/free-texting-apps-send-text-messages-online.jpg" alt="Photo of free-texting-apps-send-text-messages-online" How many of you feel awkward in social gatherings that are full of new people?

The courage that it takes to walk up to someone and say hi?

International snaps came in from the top of Mount Everest, Canada, South Korea and New York City.

Even two police officers who kept up with the campus drama voiced their opinion and posted a selfie with the 'F**k AJ' message.

In a matter of hours the post was shared across Twitter, and people quickly began sending their own snaps in return, almost all of them featuring furious users from around the world flipping the bird, while captioning their images: 'F**k AJ'.

Soon, AJ's full name was exposed, after the original Snapchat user who exposed his cheating ways agreed to send in an unedited version of his snap so as to clear the names of other outraged AJs on campus.

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One user shared AJ's Instagram account, which has the biography caption, 'Taken by my best friend,' and captioned his photo, 'Not for long'.

Subsequent photos soon reamed on The Buckeye Snap channel with students and strangers in the area alike posting photos of themselves with the message 'F**k AJ.' One person even created a group chat and included AJ and his girlfriend into the conversation, with the user asking the real questions and kindly offering 'group counseling' advice.

Memes also abounded as a result of the conversation, one of which compared AJ to a soccer player being smashed in the face by the ball.

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Another meme displays a stock photo of man holding hands with his girlfriend while clearly looking lustfully over another woman walking by, while his girlfriend pouts, with the appropriate label of AJ over the man, Allie over the girlfriend and the funny phrase Not Allie n the other woman.

Texting can be made much more interactive with winks and sharing pictures and lots of other things.

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