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Trains run from the airport to the Gare Central (4) in the city centre; tickets cost €8.50.If arriving by Eurostar, take a train from the Gare du Midi to Gare Central, or take metro line 3 or 4 to either Bourse (5) or De Brouckère (6). Get your bearings Central Brussels is divided into the Lower Town, where most sites cluster around the Grand Place and, to the east, the Upper Town on the Mont des Arts, where state buildings such as the Royal Palace (1) and the Palais de Justice (7) are ringed by a series of main thoroughfares (the designer shop-filled Waterloo Boulevard (8) is the main stretch). Check in As a business destination, hotel rates drop significantly at the weekend and go lower still during the summer.Now, I wasn’t jumping for joy at this conclusion, nor, I suspect, were other women of colour.Great, a white man might stare at my tits while explaining why he’d never date me! covered many important issues, it failed to distinguish between sex and dating, and this distinction is essential in discussions about racial bias in matters of the heart and loins.Follow Rue de L'Ecuyer eastwards to the Galeries Saint-Hubert (15): three conjoined Neo-Classical shopping arcades, stuffed with fashion brands and chocolate shops.Continue straight ahead into the Grand Place (2), described by Jean Cocteau as the "finest theatre in the world" and the setting for the biennial Flower Carpet.

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But I also think that many people of colour are a little tired of explaining and excusing racial bias.Often, a predilection to date white people is based not on a fundamental sexual preference; rather, it is linked to the perceived social significance of such an alliance.