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and expect us to not recognise noona’s tweet on 31/3/2012? inadream oh babyyou have no idea what we’re capable of Baekhyun is the last to reach Chanyeol’s room, and it makes sense, considering how far Baekhyun’s room is from his.also kris, m’dude, stop bullying my platonic boyfriend tq. really, baek, after everything we’ve been through.after you literally asked my to pour bbq sauce down your tits oncejust to tell a story? bbh.baekkie you’re already #1 in my heart and #1 in my eyes, my jongbaeyou can’t be #1 in my mind toohaha that’s too,,, not bro jjjonggdae of coursetoo not broi love me an articulate man FAN [email protected] we actually break up over mario kart? we’ve lived together for over five years _zzztao_ there are people in the dormthat you absolutely cannot trust hyungyoure the only person who would understandyou do rightor have you left too luhan7 what the hell are you talking about _zzztao_ the messages hyungfrom inadream luhan7 who? _zzztao_ never mindforget i asked luhan7 wait taowhat the hellget back herewhat the fuck inadream after all these yearswe’ll finally take you backeven if we have to do it illegallywe’ll get you backyixing is ours until you arewatch out babyi’m coming kyungsoo. The eight gathered within the room stare in horror at a pale, shaking Chanyeol, who helplessly lies on the bed, trembling and shying away from any attempts to reach out to him.sorry myeon (◕︿◕✿)gotta do what i gotta do to have go platinum _zzztao_ speaking of soloslisten to 想成为你 now thank you already have taozi ´・ᴗ・`you sounded very good in it _zzztao_ thank you yixing ge sehuno I didn’t :) _zzztao_ everytime i come here to chati’m attacked FAN welcome to krisisthe chat name is an attack on its ownthanks baekhyun bbh.baekkie you’re very welcome, kris my guy Jonginini_ right so i was crashin my boi taemin’s boi, jinki hyung’s, partyand suddenly the police show up n i start runnin bci’m too hot to go to jailn like, i’m running w shinee bc they“still have a million pairs of skinny jeans ta slay” - kibumbut then like i glance back at the angry cops riteand idk one is low key rlly hotyes please daddyanw i got arrested and i liked ithandcuff me daddy _zzztao_ minsuckonthat wtf YOU GOT ARRESTED? That was Kris’s fault though sehuno ok buthow hot was the cop Jonginini_ likehot damn daddy fuck me pls lol i stalked his insta for 12 mins to get that sehuno yooooooo bbh.baekkie whatyou’re thirsting after taehyung now? bbh.baekkie yeah we had some lame class together oncewould be sugar daddy material if he was older than me :( baek’s been in love with taehyung for a million yearsthey’re friends actually jjjonggdae lmao really, taehyung? [messages undelivered, this user has blocked you] kyungsoo. Baekhyun tiptoes in an attempt to read whatever is on the screen from behind Kris.

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One dream i had i was a cop and i chased this dude down quested him for a murder but fingered out she was a live so i when to an abandoned train stashon and founder her and every one started laughing and the little girl turned in to a human cat with tenticals coming out of her mouth... No talking about anything sexual, no discussing any sexual matters, and NO SEXUAL JOKES.

[loeynahc.krap] has left the chat sehuno Kyungsoo, that was like 1/3 of the maknae line you just chased awayit’s almost like you don’t want to go with usalmostbecause you’re coming with us. sehuno lu ge’s busy banging minseok hyung next door Jonginini_ and why are you so sure minseok hyung’s the bottom? yeah i do actuallywas wondering if you’d like to grab dinner one of these days to talkwith our favourite kid, of course minsuckonthat yes that would be nice.what’s on the menu? minsuckonthat wtf Jongin walk your a SS HOMEYOU'RE GROUNDED Jonginini_ nah sehuno you knowhe makes a convincing argument kyungsoo. Okay okay, private message me your location, Chanyeol and I are on our way. can i get a fuckin uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh pointless chapter with no ploti have access to my computer again tomorrow so i can quit trying to format this ugly fic on a 4.4 inch screen with my fatass fingersok i must go, i have two weeks of homework to rush in one hour!! _zzztao_ wtf we came here to buy xing a giftnot to get arrested kyungsoo. sehuno kyungsoo machine broke jjjonggdae hey do you think yixing will like a plastic alligator sounds right up his alley-gator FAN he seriously woke up to spew that shit fuck you kris i want to break up FAN lol no you don’t ノಠ_ಠノ jjjonggdae they’re having a 50% sale on lawn furniture! METHEYREBEAUTIFULufwgfiugfgufgr issa j OKE FAMI’M BROKE AFI’M BUYING YIXING MAGNETSand flip flops minsuckonthat those… sehuno it’s nothing ksoo don’t mind it so uh did yall esacpe*escape Jonginini_ yeah lol we pinned the blame on someone else _zzztao_ y EAH]ON ME THE DUKC IS WRONF WIRH YOU sehuno ohhaha srry _zzztao_ they freed me? fuck they may as well have s h o t me in the h e a r ti’m hurt Jonginini_ taoliterally no one cares rt FAN ^^^ minsuckonthat wow the truth _zzztao_ yall all some meanass bitches luhan7 lol tao yall already means you allpeople: yalltao, an intellectual: yall all _zzztao_ i cant believe im a victim of cyber bullying now FAN i cant believe there was a time you thought you werent _zzztao_ i hate this family Status check! he won’t even respond to mei’m so worried and scaredyou know he likes to leave without saying anythingwhat if he did that again? bbh.baekkie I want to diemy legs feel like jello sehuno did something happen jjjonggdae he’s just whiningbc i pushed him off the bed why would you evenlol nvm i dont wanna know jjjonggdae he’s a colossal idiot smh are we seriously doing thislight hearted conversation when kyungsoo is god knows where FAN i’m looking into ithey guys,if someone offered you a chance to save those three at the risk of your own lifehow many of you would take it jjjonggdae fuck noyall are the worst bbh.baekkie ^^ m’best bro is an assbut tbh same jjjonggdae not you baeki’d go through anything for you i had friends oncebut then they started datingand i lost them both bbh.baekkie hahawe’re not dating tho ffwtdghjjk FAN baek and dae are rightunder no circumstances should any of you follow any directions that don't come out of my, sehun’s, or myeon’s mouthdon't listen to any instructions unless you hear it from usdon't trust our textsalso if you hear anything about ksoo, taotao, or xing,report it to either sehun or mein real lifeare any of you still connected to the wifi?

sehuno (ᕗ✿•̀︿•́)ᕗsleep with one eye open, Jongin Jonginini_ i’ll sleep with both eyes openbitch (-。⊙✽) (⊙。-✽) _zzztao_ ohohohohoho FAN tao pls i’ll buy you all the gucci you need _zzztao_ my lips are sealedhell yeah, my last sugar daddy was kinda mean anyway FAN fuck you kids are gonna take all the years of my life away bbh.baekkie tf tao minsuckonthat i just caught my boyfriendbusting a nut to jake pauli have no boyfriend bbh.baekkie @luhan7 what the fuck boi luhan7 i was just shazaming the songand dramatic bitchass here claimed that jake paul was“a kink of yours that we don’t share”“england may be your city but my city is seoul”“cartoon network’s always been better than disney channel anyway” minsuckonthat i’m sorry lubut it’ll never work outwe’re too different my c ITY IS SEOULMINSEOK HYUNG ILY minsuckonthat ily2 yeol min, we need some time to speak. me-n-u (n kyungsoo) minsuckonthat h AHAHAHAHAHA h AHAHAHAHAHAHA minsuckonthat shit we’re hilarious luhan7 minniepls come backi swear i’ll nvr rap it’s everyday bro again sehuno why does your relationship even existhow did you even get it to work? _zzztao_ thanks kyungsoo : had to try to format this on mobile and i kinda want to kms now but it's ok!! Why do sleeping pills have warning labels that state: Caution: May Cause Drowsiness? _zzztao_ yall all some meanass bitches luhan7 lol tao yall already means you allpeople: yalltao, an intellectual: yall all _zzztao_ i cant believe im a victim of cyber bullying now FANi cant believe there was a time you thought you werent Triggers: Hacking sehuno tao u lazy shitwake tf up u planned this? Jonginini_ a new hopeless couple minsuckonthat Boi you have no room to speak Jonginini_ MINSEOK minsuckonthat lol got it sehuno TAO GTFO _zzztao_ fuc KKCKK _zzztao_ uh yall we sent those messages to the wrong chat kyungsoo. sehuno no one asked for your sass kyungsoo i did tho sehuno didn’t ask for your input chanyeol Jonginini_ should we? _zzztao_ fuck you minsuckonthat why am i in this chat fml kyungsoo. luhan7 jongdaewe don’t have a lawn jjjonggdae shit u rightstill buying this flamingo anyway i found something tao would like FAN i’m going to kill myself issa joke fam _zzztao_ CHANYEOLBUY. are not flip flops look closer minsuckonthat wtffuckin converse flip flops luhan7 sowhen’s Jong2 getting out of jail Jonginini_ YO sehuno two minutes agowhen the cops accepted his 50 cent guitar picks as compensation for releasing himi’m pretty sure that cop was high jjjonggdae sehuno like his ears were red as helloh… jjjonggdae oh lol bbh.baekkie wait what is he dying Jonginini_ fucksehunnie lets gtfo of here bbh.baekkie wait help him what the fuck sehuno the ot h er cop s are he re fucljongin we g ott a rnu aqay kyungsoo. sehuno to let the readers know what’s going on kyungsoo. what have you bought for our little xingxing I bought him an absolutely /fashionable/ bag Jonginini_ i bought another pack for my beloved hyung~~ sehuno hyung’s always complaining about how he has no storageso i got hima beauty FAN it was nothing :) KRIS WU bbh.baekkie tfw bae is mad jjjonggdae like i said earlier i got him a pair so theyll never be lonely :)also baek that is the b EST lamp i’ve ever seen bbh.baekkie thx bby i know i mentioned my gifts earlier right luhan7 yeol im so impressedi cant believe you bought two gifts there are fifty two of theseso pretty minsuckonthat it was of worth it _zzztao_ r u calling yixing ugly :( minsuckonthat maybe i am bitch what would u know _zzztao_ ignoring minseok, i got yixing this kyungsoo. hyung i cant let him go through that again tomorrow is his birthday rightdont you have a promise with himhell come see you taoi know itor at least, youll go see him _zzztao_ i’m so scared _zzztao_ hyungany luck? _zzztao_ hyungits been two days since any of us have heard from himwhat now hyungi dont know where he iswhat if he’s lostwhat if he lefthyung I could get minseok and luhan to try and reach him. minsuckonthat i did my round earlierno device is on wifiat least none that i’m aware of luhan7 I’m smashing kyungsoo’s phone because I can't get the passcode Homeboy used a 15 letter passcode with special letters sehuno luhanyou can justpass it to me or krismyass FAN i hate this fucking group chatbut yes, hun is right.

Minseok: minsuckonthat Lu Han: luhan7Kris: FANJunmyeon: Yixing: Baekhyun: bbh.baekkie Jongdae: jjjonggdae Chanyeol: Kyungsoo: kyungsoo. Sorry, I had this throbbing headache from an unknown cause earlier. Maybe he put a stop to it because we were ruining it?

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Zitao: _zzztao_Jongin: Jonginini_Sehun: sehuno Jonginini_right so i was crashin my boi taemin’s boi, jinki hyung’s, partyand suddenly the police show up n i start runnin bci’m too hot to go to jailn like, i’m running w shinee bc they“still have a million pairs of skinny jeans ta slay” - kibumbut then like i glance back at the angry cops riteand idk one is low key rlly hotyes please daddyanw i got arrested and i liked ithandcuff me daddy _zzztao_ s EHUN JUST KICKED ME OFF THE COUCH? Tbh, your language is the reason I don’t want to get up in the morning. What would you and your dick know about it, Lu Han? wtf whyu lov me n my dabbing, soo ♡^▽^♡ jjjonggdae i mean?Jonginini_ how did you get one despite failing step one? because those words seem to hurt you very deeply [_zzztao_] has left the chat LU HAN bbh.baekkie lmao shit jjjonggdae chill tf out minsuckonthat things my boyfriend did That Jonginini_ @sehuno sehunnie are you free to game with me? with the underscores and everything Jonginini_ yeah, daddy doesn’t like itshould’ve set it to babyboy Jongin @Jonginini_ what? bbh.baekkie rudeand also no, i’m happy with this id jjjonggdae went overboard with two of the letters but it’s an okay ID not at all : D luhan7 LMAO I DON’T EITHERsee yall later hahahaexcept you min, i’ll see you now ;) jjjonggdae i just threw up in my mouththis is so,,, yucky FAN your use of ‘yucky’ is the reason why you’re single jjjonggdae BAEK, my husband, my love, my bro, my hode FEND [email protected] you could control your boyfriend lol I had a boyfriend once.