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I summoned the courage to tell him I was rereading The Dunciad and enjoying it. The following day I told him I had finished rereading The Dunciad but had not in the end, enjoyed it all that much.The next week term began in earnest and a person not at all like the person I’d been talking to turned up and distributed practical criticism sheets. Not because my disposition took me in a non-Leavisite direction – I can’t claim to have been a Talmudic scholar in my native Manchester, but Talmudic criticism is in the blood of most Jews, and “Yes-but” is the principle on which the great Talmudic exegetes built their monumental edifice of commentary and counter-commentary.What hasn’t changed is the CLAAS-patented Accelerated Pre-Separation (APS) system, which is the heart of all LEXION combines.The system consists of 3 cylinders; the APS cylinder, the main threshing cylinder and the impeller cylinder.

The new series offers a horsepower range of 320 to 543 HP at 1,900 rpm.It not only enables the rear axle to pivot, but also gives a swing motion for enhanced turning capability and efficiency ...