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As a result, they are able to achieve socioeconomic mobility and success faster than other groups.

The process of undergoing either behavioral or structural/socioeconomic assimilation can occur in a linear or "straight-line" manner in which the passage of time and the succession of generations lead to increasing economic, cultural, political, and residential integration into American society. back in the 1800s did experience prejudice and discrimination.For example, if child-parent relationship is strong and healthy, the child is more likely to take on the parent's identity, whatever that may be (i.e., national origin, hyphenated American, pan-Asian, or just "American").However, if the child has conflicts with his/her parents, the more likely the child will identify differently from the parent.Because ethnic identity among second generation Asian Americans is inevitably tied to the process of assimilation, we should recognize the different forms of assimilation and how different factors can affect assimilation outcomes.

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Among the most famous conceptions of assimilation is the distinction between behavioral assimilation (otherwise known as "acculturation") and structural or socioeconomic assimilation.Rather, they identified solely based on their own national origins (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc.).