English women dating egyptian men

10-Mar-2019 06:05

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Why do some actively stay away from any sort of relationship with one of them?

"I would rather stay single then marry a man from Egypt" is a pretty common thing to hear from young Egyptian women. Not being familiar with and misjudging one another?

For the sake of a good argument, let's break it down and explore every aspect of this perception individually. Some Egyptian men take it upon themselves to control a woman's life.

Everything from what she wears, to who she talks to and what she does for a living is controlled by a man throughout a woman's entire life.

This is not only seen as a sign of disrespect but more often than not, this tendency to interrupt often turn to violent outbursts.

Picture this for a second, you're having a conversation with your boyfriend and you're telling him something you're interested in or something that's bothering you.

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Why is it that a woman is controlled in this country from the day she is born till the day she sets foot in the grave?

For the most part in Egyptian society, women and men, especially of this generation and the younger ones, seem to be a bit more "Westernized" than your average Egyptian.

Within a certain circle of "trusted" people, women are now able to do things that are otherwise deemed "wrong" or "shameful."Sadly however, it is all a cloud of pretense.

For some, it is the perception that women are an "accessible source of shame" and therefore, her thoughts, her feelings, her movement and every other part of her existence must be controlled until she is married off.

Once the woman is married, the cycle restarts and its the husband's turn to dictate how she lives her life. The inability to admit wrongdoing in any relationship is disastrous because one member is made to feel like their feelings don't really matter to the other person in the relationship.Men would hug, cuddle, or have any sort of physical contact with a woman but would refuse to be with her because "other men did the same thing" and therefore, there is "nothing special" about her. Before getting married and/or committed to a serious relationship, there are a few things that need to be hashed out and cleared up at the very beginning.