Dreambox an error occurred updating the password file

02-Apr-2019 14:08

For example, if a user continually creates passwords based on a season and a number (ex: Summer16) and several breaches show that same pattern as being associated with that particular user (ex: Summer16 on one site, Autumn12 on another and so on…) then the criminals can use prediction algorithms to create a custom dictionary to target that user.

The dictionary set will be concise and is likely to be highly effective.

If I add "sendfile off;" to my config the consistency issues are solved, but page loads where a lot of static files are served become extremely slow. I found it very interesting that performance increased a ton when I upgraded from boot2docker 1.7 to boot2docker 1.8.

Boot2docker bundles their own version of Virtual Box, so I'm wondering if there was something changed there that affected things.

Just spent a few hours banging my head against the wall here as well.

Virtualbox has a bug that could cause static files to not update and seem cached.

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dreambox an error occurred updating the password file-28

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I realize it is frustrating (I too spent hours until I stumbled upon the answer), but I think that adding this to Vagrant would not be correct.Now might be the time to add this to your awareness programs.

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