Definition of predating

26-May-2019 09:34

In the 21st century, only a handful of games have had a category occur three times, most often due to a puzzle being thrown out and replaced with one in an already-used category.Same Name and Before & After seem to be the only categories with restrictions on where they appear in the game.

These are given their own section due to their more complex history: From 1990-2008, the show had categories which offered the contestant a bonus for answering a question related to the puzzle.

The First Edition game's lack of plural forms would suggest that they were not used in the earliest days, although Things and People were used in the Second Edition (albeit four times in total, suggesting that plural forms had only just been introduced).

Introduced in Season 10, and definitely by October 26, 1992, these puzzles included things and events related to the decade in question.

Starting in November 1995, only the contestant who solved the puzzle was allowed to guess, a rule that had previously been used by Megaword.

From 1990-92, a light saxophone "Tah-Dah" sting was used as the cue if a contestant gave the right answer.puzzle), "segments" which required two lines were normally indicated by a hanging indent if such an arrangement could fit on the board.