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As contests are played the winning team will be highlighted in RED.2010 WVC Boys' Cross Country League------2010 WVC Boys' Soccer League 2010 WVC Field Hockey League------2010 WVC Football League 2010 WVC Girls' Cross Country League------2010 WVC Girls' Tennis League 2010 WVC Girls' Volleyball League------2010 WVC Golf League 2010 WVC Fall League Standings 2010-2011 WVC Boys Basketball League------2010-2011 WVC Girls Basketball League 2010-2011 WVC Boys Swim League------2010-2011 WVC Girls Swim League 2010-2011 WVC Wrestling League------2010-2011 WVC Winter League Standings 2011 WVC Boys Tennis------2011 WVC Boys Track 2011 WVC Boys Volleyball------2011 WVC Baseball 2011 WVC Softball------2011 WVC Girls Track 2011 WVC Girls Soccer------2011 WVC Spring Standings Here are the final results and standings for the 2009-2010 Wyoming Valley Conference leagues.

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Please be advised that beginning with the 2016-2017 Championships all game managers are required to utilize the revised game manager report found here.There is also a link to the current standings in all of the leagues as well.2008 WVC Boys Cross Country--------2008 WVC Boys Soccer 2008 WVC Field Hockey-------2008 WVC Football 2008 WVC Girls Cross Country-------2008 WVC Girls Tennis 2008 WVC Girls Volleyball--------2008 WVC Golf 2008 WVC Fall Leagues Current Standings 2008-09 WVC Boys Basketball Schedule--------2008-09 WVC Boys Swim Schedule 2008-09 WVC Girls Basketball Schedule--------2008-09 WVC Girls Swim Schedule 2008-09 WVC Wrestling Schedule---------2008-09 WVC Winter Leagues Standings 2009 WVC Baseball Schedule------2009 WVC Boys' Volleyball Schedule 2009 WVC Boys' Tennis Schedule------2009 WVC Boys' Track Schedule 2009 WVC Girls' Track Schedule------2009 WVC Girls Soccer Schedule 2009 WVC Softball Schedule------2009 WVC Spring League Standings Championship information dating back to 2005-2006 can be found under each of the individual sports in the Topic Area on the left.2012 WVC Boys' Cross Country-----2012 WVC Girls' Cross Country----2012 WVC Boys' Soccer----2012 WVC Girls' Soccer----2012 WVC Field Hockey----2012 WVC Football----2012 WVC Girls' Tennis----2012 WVC Girls' Volleyball----2012 WVC Golf----2012 WVC Fall League Standings 2013 WVC Boys' Basketball League----2013 WVC Girls' Basketball League----2012-13 WVC Boys' Swim League----2012-13 WVC Girls' Swim League----2012-13 WVC Wrestling ----2012-13 WVC Winter League Standings 2013 WVC Boys Track ----2013 WVC Girls Track----2013 WVC Boys Volleyball----2013 WVC Softball----2013 WVC Baseball----2013 WVC Boys Tennis----2013 WVC Boys Lacrosse----2013 WVC Girls Lacrosse----2013 WVC Spring League Standings Here are the updated schedules, results and standings for the WVC fall, winter, and spring sports.

2011 WVC Boys Cross Country----2011 WVC Boys' Soccer----2011 WVC Field Hockey---- 2011 WVC Football----2011 WVC Girls' Cross Country----2011 WVC Girls' Tennis---- 2011 WVC Girls' Volleyball----2011 WVC Golf----2011 WVC Fall League Standings 2011-12 WVC Boys Basketball----2011-12 WVC Girls Basketball ----2011-12 WVC Wrestling----2011-12 WVC Boys Swimming----2011-12 WVC Girls Swimming----2011-12 WVC Winter League Standings 2012 WVC Baseball----2012 WVC Softball----2012 WVC Boys' Track----2012 WVC Girls' Track--------2012 WVC Boys' Tennis ----2012 WVC Boys' Volleyball ----2012 WVC Spring League Standings Here are the schedules, results and standings of the Fall, Winter and Spring Leagues in the WVC.

Also, individual sport brackets can be found on the topics page entitled "State Championships" on the left dating back to 2006-2007.