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20-Mar-2019 14:36

-shaped hole in your life, so the series won't just test to see which sex has the upper hand in a matter of mental and physical challenges – it will also test each group's loyalties by introducing romantic dates between the girls and the boys as the competition goes on.Will the girls choose to stick together and run the world like Beyoncé says they do?[source: pdf] [The Carnival of Patras, Achaikes Publications, Patra 1987 the best known of all annual festival traditions.Patras, unlike other Greek cities, has little trace ofthis ritual but still gathers a frenzy that extends throughout the country as the town fills with frenzy and many more watch on TV.The Patras Carnaval traces itself to impressive French masqued Carnaval Balls in the early 19th century which immediately followed the French led liberation from Ottoman rule.

In 1828 he was given command of the French expeditionary Corps in Morea (the Peloponnese peninsula in Greece) against Ibrahim Pasha.

Or will the boys ditch their mates and choose dates every time?

And how long will it be before the girls or the boys find themselves in bed with the enemy?

, and like the hit series that came before it, viewers will be given the power to decide who stays in the competition and who goes, as well as which sex ultimately comes out on top.

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The show is set to air in winter next year, but if that's just a little bit too far away (or you're not ready to say goodbye to the Majorca villa-mates just yet), there's always Kem and Chris' officially confirmed spin-off series to look forward to in the next few weeks.

Patras believes it should be considered not just the ferry gateway to Europe but also the gateway to the many ancient Greek archeological sites of the Peloponnese.

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