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Scott asked us something about the difference between single and married women.I paraphrased a line from a blog post by Jen, at Sheality, a blog written by five women: ““I have a theory.Or no one is around to judge you when eat an entire can of frosting or don’t wash dishes for a week. (Actually, I’m not sure it’s a true …but you get my point.) I now have the answer I can give to concerned people who like to ask why I’m not married: “I choose loneliness over annoyance.” To me, one’s not better (or worse) than the other, they’re just different.But sometimes you want someone to talk to, or make you tea when you’re sick, or have sex with you.” That’s it! I, a single woman, am much better at tolerating the occasional loneliness I feel than I would be at tolerating the frequent annoyances I feel I’d have to put up if I lived in the same house with my (non-existent) husband. They acknowledge the continual annoyances they must tolerate when sharing living quarters with their husbands, and also acknowledge that they’d choose those annoyances over living alone. After he had stolen 0.- from a woman in Sydney his getaway car got stuck at a traffic light and witnesses to the robbery held the doors of the car closed while they waited for police.When police arrived they found him in a not too healthy looking state and then, much to their surprise, started throwing up .- bills until he reached a total of 0.- He had come up with the idea to hide the evidence and eat the money!An old Indian American Cree philosphy says; only after every tree has been cut only after every fish has been caught only after every river has been poisoned only then will you find that money can not be eaten.But 34 year old Robert Hulme tried it anyway in December 2004.

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Over a period of five years he managed to win and lose half to one million dollars a week but never managed to get all the money back that he had "borrowed" from the bank.There are only two kinds of people in the world: lonely (and single) or annoyed (and in a relationship). I mean sure – early love is great and you want to be with that person all the time.I think we all have a higher tolerance for one – either you’re better at being lonely or you’re better at being annoyed. When you live with someone, you can get a hug at the end of a long day, or someone to make your coffee in the morning. But sooner or later, the lust wears off and their annoying habits and idiosyncrasies start to surface – like I don’t know – their breathing – in and out, in and out, in and out…When you are alone, sometimes it is awesome – like when you are so comfy because you have the whole bed to yourself.The teller gave him a handsome sum and he walked out the door and around the corner( he had no getaway car).

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Later it was found he had changed his clothes in a public toilet just down the street before he disappeared and the case has never been solved!

He is in a special wing of Sydney's Long Bay jail that houses 200 child molesters that are being kept separate to protect them from other prisoners.