Dating reed and barton mark

19-May-2019 19:06

Ramsden Reid & Sons Richards & Brown Roberts & Belk J. In this site I illustrate some of my preferred pieces.

Savory & Sons Sibray, Hall & Co W & G Sissons Smily Family Spurrier P. At the present I continue to look for silver and objects of vertu pieces, with preference for items of uncommon shape or use, and I've extended the field of my research to the internet.

Even though my main interest is for silver objects, in recent years I've begun to buy non-silver related items, including in my collection some pieces as cameo glass vases, "barbotine" dishes, portrait miniatures, shell cameo brooches, and others.

Petersburg) - asparagus fork - asparagus holder - asparagus server - assayer mark B: baby rattle - bed warmer - beehive honey-pot - bell - berry spoon - betel box - bib holder - bigorne - biscuit warmer - boatswain's call - bombilla - bosun whistle - bottle ticket - bougie-box - bourdalou - brandy saucepan - bratina - brazier - bread-basket - Britannia metal - British hallmarking - Broad Arrow - buckle - butter cooler - butter dish - butt marker C: caddy spoon - cake-basket - canteen - card tray - caster - castor - cayenne scoop - cayenne spoon - chanukah lamp - charka - chatelaine - cheese toaster - chota peg - cigar lighter - close plating - coach pot - coaster - coat of arms - cocktail shaker - coffee-cup holder - coin holder - coronation regalia - counter holder - cow creamer - cream scoop - cream skimmer - crest - 'crown' mark on sterling silver and silverplate - cruet stand - crumb scoop - crumb tray D: dance card - decanter-stand - decanter wagon - dish cross - dish ring - dog-nose spoon - doll's house miniature - duty dodger - duty mark E: egg boiler - egg coddler - egg cup - egg-cup frame - egg spoon - electrotype (metalwork) - ember bowl - entre dish - EPBM - E. I was able to acquire some pieces of the 18th century and much more of the 19th century.

In 'The Berry Silver Flatware Pattern by Whiting' (note 1) William P. This gave me pause to think about all kinds of numbers, found on flat- and hollowware.

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Its objective is to promote friendship between its members and to spread knowledge of antique silver items, their hallmarks and their workmanship techniques.

Divergences in weights plus the fact that various materials were weighed with different weights (troy for precious materials, avoirdupois for others) makes us appreciate the easy metric system so much more.

Even though manufacturer's numbers are usually associated with more 'modern' silver - used from about the middle of the 19th century - an early predecessor existed. Penzer calls these 'order number of Storr & Mortimer' (note 9), 'pattern number or job number' (note 10) is probably a more apt description.

Most collectors are familiar with termini technici like scratch weight, British registration mark, etc.

but in conversations about the various meanings of all these numbers, I found out that knowledge about these is sketchy at best. 1 shows the lid and rim of a sauce tureen, bearing the numbers 4, thus indicating that lid fits to body, but also that this tureen was one of a set of four. Larger collections with multiples of the same items introduced inventory numbers.An article giving more info about all these numbers seemed like a good idea. Due to the common and unfortunate practice of splitting up table and flatware services at auction sales or between family members, 'pairs' with the numbers 3 and 4 might be offered. This practice was amply illustrated in the Thurn and Taxis Collection.

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