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29-Mar-2019 06:43

God has blessed and created the most beautiful, handsome, manly men in Africa. : Even if you don’t like to cook, try and cook a few meals a week. A Nigerian man wants to be able to know that you can properly feed him.

Dealing with an African men takes lots of patience, the only reason why we, African women have an easier time handling them is only because we are surrounded by them constantly and grew up around them, I know they can be frustrating at times.

Nigerian men are taught to be the head in the household, the need to take care of certain obligations for a woman comes naturally for them. An African man wants to pleasure his woman, and give her a good sexual experience; married or dating.

(Paying for the date.) They don’t like to feel belittled or not in control, and because of that some are very argumentative and aggressive to protect that Alpha male, macho man persona. I don’t know what it’s like in the open public between you and your African man but I can almost guarantee it’s great behind closed doors, when you guys are… Nigerian men consider themselves great lovers, if only that were true but even though this might not be exactly true for all Nigerian men, they at least try and put that work in, if you know what I mean.

Nigerian men are crazy but that’s only because they love hard.

As much as they might be a pain in your butt or do things that might frustrate you, an African man has all the capability of loving and treating a woman like a queen. Square warned you in 2007 about me, well now I’m here and have no plans on leaving.

i found it on a site and felt like sharing it with u 1. He knows that when you suffix every sentence with 'now', its not a command, e.g. When you guys go out, he pays and doesn't expect a refund of exactly half! He understands why you have to send money home - probably doing the same himself! He doesn't see your kid sister staying in your house as an inconvenience/ cramping his style. He doesn't think you should put your parents in a home.7. The way he licks his ten fingers 'cos that Ogbono soup with Iyan hit da spot, Oh Yes!!! He has got his education or he got something going on.11. He knows to allow you like three hours to get ready for a party! He will not complain when you waka with headful of rollers inside house but quick to let you know that aint nothing sexy about that when you want to go outside.38.

He eats ' Gbegiri and Amala' and doesn't think it's 'yucky' or 'spicy'. He may be a baby daddy but he loves his kid and takes care of him.12. The way he calls you his wife in front of all his friends.24. No need to go kill himself trying to maintain a six pack. Her singing while doing housework is a classic reminder of wetin you dey miss when you dey carry Akata woman! His lunch (Rice, Beans, Dodo, complete with carefully selected assorted meat) wey you pack for am na something u know sey im no go wait "Palam" (gobble up! He thinks the small gap between your front teeth are actually sexy!!!!

How is a decent Nigerian different from other men around the world?

Men can’t be the same just as you women also aren’t the same.

We men might have similar triggers and desires but not the same cultural upbringing, values or expectations.

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My mother always said if you have nothing good to say, don’t say anything at all. First, don’t try to change a Nigerian man to suit your standards, while it may seems that you’re winning the race it won’t take long for him to erupt, so it’s better for you to learn and try to come to a compromise with his ways, he will also learn to compromise with yours too.