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This down-to-earth approach levels the playing field.It telegraphs to the customer, “See, the CEO isn’t some cold and remote figurehead interested in profit only. He cares about us.” Jeff Bezos of Amazon is a superb example: Notice this letter is conversational as well as plain: it’s a simple statement of the facts and benefits between two people: Jeff and you.Writing effective copy is also a science, because it exists in the world of tests, trial and failure, improvement, breakthroughs, education and predictability.Scientific advertising allows you to develop an idea, and then test that idea.

Often the sheer passion for what you’re trying to promote breathes off the page.When selling a car, you might point out the endless repairs that need to be done — thin brake pads, leaky transmission, busted sway bar, and inoperable dashboard — before you introduce the leather seats, Monsoon stereo system, sun roof, brand-new tires and supercharged engine.What you’re saying is this car will need a lot of TLC.This is the concept behind AWAI’s Barefoot Writer presentation.

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In this example, you are asked to imagine your life in a certain way — to pretend what it would be like to live your dream, whatever that dream might be.

In this way, you’re turning long copy into short, easily-digestible snippets.