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Shared concerns spark a friendship between Georgie and Freddie.

The play is a comedy which draws on the parallels and contrasts between the older, intellectual, academic, artistic couple, and the young, working class couple.

He has published many short stories, poems, and the book The Statue of Pan.

The commander claims she is seeking refuge from her own government via the Lavender Railroad, which she suspects is operated by the Catholic Church.

- one simple set 3M: 20s, 50s 2F: 50s, 60s Feeding the Bear A middle-aged gay man with body dismorphia (perpetual negative thoughts about ones appearance) is required to care for his father, who has Alzheimers disease. Finding Jane - A murder mystery occurs at an LGBT adult summer camp. The owner, a former man, who is now named Jane, is hunted by her former wife. Incoming was selected for the International Centre for Women Playwrights Chicago Her-Rah: A Festival of the Worlds Best Women Playwrights and Their New Plays (June 2007).

After watching a reality show hosted by a drag queen, the father desides to wear the clothes of his departed wife. It also won the 2007 Queer Womens Play Contest and was produced by Bloody Unicorn Theater Company in Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona (September 2007).

Though a serious drama, which explores Kevins moral and psychological growth, the play is also a great Halloween spectacle, with atmospheric lighting and a vampire motif. Won the 2008 Saints & Sinners Playwriting Contest, and was a finalist in the Independent Publishers Book Awards.

Premiere: May 9, 2008, at the Marigny Theater, New Orleans.

Miss Martini, the fabulous African American drag queen and hostess for Cooking is a Drag, becomes his dads home care worker. Two-Act: 2 hours - 1 set, minimal technical requirements 3M: one is 40-50s, others of any age 3F: 20s-30s 608 Wendan Dr., Decatur GA 30033-5530 404-929-9006; [email protected] play Mattie Cushman: A Psychodrama was produced twice and aired on cable.