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It took a couple of months for us to get more serious.We got engaged on a hike up that same mountain, and it rained again.It’s a well-told myth: that a woman over a certain age has a better chance of getting struck by lightning than finding a mate.Even movies and TV shows have convinced generations that if they didn’t marry in their childbearing years, it would never happen. These seven women prove it’s possible to get married at any age—and that true love really is worth waiting for.I didn’t want marriage enough to go out and look for it.But when I was 46, I had complications with pneumonia and didn’t know if I was going to make it.Later, a spiritual advisor told me I survived because I ‘wanted to experience love.’ When I was 49, I had foot surgery.My friend told me to call her brother, who had the same surgery.

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As I got older, I started to realize it doesn't happen for everyone that way and marriage isn’t going to make you a better person or fix any problems.

Getting married didn’t matter to me as the years went by.

Plus, after my dad died, I thought, ‘I don’t have a dad to walk me down the aisle.’ A year-and-a-half after the split, my friend set me up with Alan, a guy she knew from her daughter's school.

I kept saying to myself, ‘You just never know.’ Nine months into Match (and after dates with 10 to 15 other guys), Rod messaged me. He wasn’t like the typical guys I met—not phoney or ‘hey, look at me.’ We’re different religions, but our values are the same.

And his grown kids were happy to see happy; they always made me feel welcome. Four months later we got married.”Her advice: “You get discouraged. When you get over 50, you say, ‘The chance of this happening is slim to none.’ But it happens. Put yourself into places where you may meet somebody.We planned to hike a mountain for our first date, but it was pouring rain.