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Atalla started cozying up to a company that would soon present an offer to buy NWT Mint.

Two months later, that company would fail to produce the M or so, even after making a brief attempt to raise funds through a short-lived Go Fund Me campaign.

If anyone has more information, feel free to use the anonymous tips page.

I had an NWTM creditor ask anonymously: "Can you please list pertinent phone numbers of Calvert, judge, lawyers, etc regarding NWTM.

It appears that only a "skeleton crew" will remain.

The Mint is being closed because the buyer (reportedly Gary Anderson of Eureka House of Metals, who tried funding the purchase via Go Fund Me) could not come up with the money, and other funding could not be obtained.

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Accepting the NEJM cookie is necessary to use the website.Just prior to the hearing, Chapter 11 Trustee Mark Calvert filed a status report.