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But while various authorities discuss what lessons can be learnt from this tragic case, friends and family of Esther and Chadrack are racked by guilt and are still struggling to explain how on earth it could have happened.Certainly, those who spoke to the Mail paint a very different picture to that of an isolated mother and son left to die alone in an East London tower block.‘There were a lot of tears when they put Esther and her son together in the grave,’ says a family friend.‘I remember one of Esther’s friends saying: “Esther, you loved your son too much and did not want to leave without him.”’The close-knit Congolese community in this area of the capital, says the friend, is struggling to understand how mother and son could have lain undiscovered for so long. Others had questions for the school and the authorities.Esther’s family also telephoned her, but despite being unable to get a response did not think it meant anything serious.Not long before her death, Esther had also separated from a long-term boyfriend.Coroner Mary Hassell, who investigated the case, has now demanded a nationwide schools alert system to ensure pupil absences are properly investigated in a bid to prevent anything like this happening again.She has sent a ‘Prevention of Future Deaths’ report to the Department for Education (Df E), which has responded to her findings.

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His birth, at Queen Charlotte’s Hospital, Hammersmith, West London, in January 2012, was the culmination of all the hopes and dreams she’d had when she first came to the UK from Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of the Congo at the age of 16.

For in a society where there are more safeguards than ever regarding the protection of vulnerable children, how could a school-age boy with such disabilites have passed under the radar of so many institutions for quite so long — and with such devastating consequences?