Clamshell dynamically accommodating

24-Apr-2019 14:19

This versatile laser marking system allows for easy load and unload of parts with a power Z axis.

The MM180 clamshell lathe was designed for very large diameter, heavy cutting and bevelling applications.

Using our patented, fully adjustable, heavy duty bearing design, this portable pipe-cutting machine is capable of cutting, beveling, facing, boring and OD turning on all types of wall thickness.

When commissioning Impact to handle your photography, the images we produce will be exclusive for you.

Images bought from a photographic library will only be exclusive for the specific area you have bought a license for.

Its superior strength means the MM180 pipe cutting and beveling machine is ideal for all on-site machining applications in new construction, decommissioning, component replacement and fabrication projects.

Whether you want something that can be opened with one hand or something that requires scissors, the clamshell could be the packaging design for you.--Click Here For Pricing-- Compelling product imagery is essential for every business.