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But the funnyman insisted: "I only said what the public were thinking".Mariah Carey skirt servant May 26, 2005, Mariah Carey reportedly employs an assistant whose job is to keep her skirts from "touching the floor".That I met this rich prince who put me in a mansion and made me a star. Mariah Carey Admits She Is A Lingerie Queen April 24, 2005, CAREY: THE LINGERIE QUEEN.Sultry singer MARIAH CAREY has so much expensive lingerie, she has devoted a whole wardrobe to her underwear.Despite a few unflattering garments she wears around the house, Carey's closet is full of sexy lingerie, arranged in different sections corresponding to colour. OK, I also have a robe, some slippers and a pair of boxer shorts in there, but ignore that. But then I also love dressing up in pink lingerie - and black is hot too.I have everything laid out in colours so I can pick them out quickly.

Mariah Carey 's sister, Alison, has been arrested for prostitution after she offered to have sex with an undercover policeman.Mariah Carey dating Robbie July 4, 2005, Carey has invited Robbie Williams on a dinner date after he impressed her with his show-stopping Live 8 performance.The curvy singer was blown away by the hunky star's charismatic set, which included his hit songs 'Angels', 'Let Me Entertain You' and 'Feel', and she is said to be keen to work with him.She was bequeathed over half a million pounds in her father's will to help sort of her life. She decided to cut the line of help she has been providing her sister.

The friend continued: "Over the years, Mariah has done everything in her power to try and get her sister clean and leading a normal happy life.Mariah was devastated when she heard, because she was trying to help her sister to get on with her life after their parents divorced.