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You can verify geometry and edit your drawings on the fly by using a wide range of simple CAD features.Toolboxes have been added to make access to frequently used CAD functions easy and fast.Less than five miles west of Eureka Springs on Highway 62 is Lake Leatherwood, the largest city park in the region.The 1,600-acre park offers hiking trails, swimming, camping, and boating opportunities.If you are still reading this, then you probably don't have CAD (computer Aided Design), or still don't know what I'm talking about and you should really consider this software.

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Much has been said about the beauty, history and people of Eureka Springs on other pages of our site, but little has been brought into focus regarding the demographics and behind the scenes offerings of our community. Census Bureau, the Eureka Springs Chamber of Commerce, the Carnegie Public Library of Eureka Springs and others for their assistance and input regarding the creation of this page.The Box-builder/owner is originally from Mel(bourne), Downunder ( U.S proud citizen), hence the Aussie names chosen for these owls.This process is called CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing).

Bob CAD can enable you with both CAD and CAM and I would urge you to consider this type of program if you are starting fresh.CAD Features: Bob CAD CAM V25 has an easy to use and understand CAD interface that will allow you to design your parts from beginning to end quickly.