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I like to be the voice for the voiceless whether its at Capitol Hill, shooting a documentary or print campaign, being at a demonstration or protest, promoting going vegetarian, or getting a petition out on social media I'm always working to help the needs of ALL animals.

My charity does it all when it comes to military and animals but the one mission we are working on now is rescuing dogs from shelters, training, and then pairing them up with veterans that need dogs to cope with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), TBI (traumatic brain injury) or anything else.

Who doesn't respect a war hero, whether two legged or four legged.

He saved many Marines lives, and it cost him his sight.

They brought a Purina dog trainer/behaviour specialist, Melissa Heeter, who addressed all of our concerns.

She introduced different methods that would help Asur get used to the pattern of the house and walk on the lead - everything.

She's now 10 years old and she's a Chihuahua cross Boston Terrier who likes to be the main focus at all times!

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She was the first female player scout in the NBA and has used her media profile to help better the lives of animals around the world campaigning for their rights.caught up with Bonnie-Jill at her parents ranch to find out more about Hounds and Heroes, the not-for-profit organisation she founded five years ago, and her very own hero, Asur.Tell us about your dogs - we'd like to know everything about them!I wanted to combine both of my passions, which is animal welfare and our military, including our first responders and that's where I came up with the name Hounds and Heroes (

Coming from a military family I've always supported our veterans and troops.His handler didn't want him so I came to the rescue, literally.