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08-Mar-2019 09:42

The NBC series Blindspot has been an edge-of-your-seat thrill ride, and it all came together in the last two episodes of Season 2, answering questions about Sandstorm and Shepherd, Jane and Weller, and the team at the FBI, while also giving a glimpse into where things could go in the already picked up third season.

It had a sense of closure for some storylines and opened up new ones, satisfied loyal viewers, and even took things into space.

But no, we had no plans to take the cliffhanger out.

This was clearly a big finale, even taking the story into space.

He also talked about the upcoming ABC series Deception, that he’s producing (along with Greg Berlanti), and weaving magic into an FBI story. Before the final scene in this episode, the rest of the Season 2 finale could have been a perfect series finale since most of what you’d set up over the first two seasons has come to a resolution, whether it be Sandstorm, or Kurt and Jane, or the plans for the team.

Collider: First of all, congrats on the Season 3 pick-up! Would you have not aired that final scene, if you hadn’t gotten the Season 3 pick-up, or is that where the season would have ended, either way?

Jeff King, who directed this one, I thought did a fantastic job from a script by Rachel Caris Love.

And space was something we had known we were gonna do for about a year now. All of these reveals are incredibly important to the show, and we realized, very early on, even in the first season, that by the end of Season 2, we were gonna know an awful lot about these characters, in a way that having some sort of massive reveal come out of nowhere might feel a little artificial.

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GERO: We try to really top ourselves for this big episodes.

What do you think was going through Shepherd’s head, at that point? 2 finale, what were the biggest production challenges of this finale, and what were you surprised that you pulled off?

Is she resigned to being defeated, is she relying on Roman to carry on, or does she have yet another plan in place that we aren’t even aware of yet? GERO: The space thing, for one, was something that not a lot of people thought we were gonna do great, and I hope we pulled it off pretty well and in a way that’s totally believable.

Is that going to have to be dealt with, in some manner?

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GERO: Zapata, in [the finale], was already very unhappy that Roman got away and she’s not buying that Jane didn’t have the shot.GERO: I won’t speak to the future, but I think she feels utterly defeated. She’s in a black site somewhere and is about to be questioned by Nas. Her son and daughter have both walked away from her. I’m lucky enough to be friends with a number of people who work at NASA and JPL, so all of that stuff is how they would have done it, for real.

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