Best intimidating nicknames

12-May-2019 00:50

I immediately sounded the horn on the jobsite calling all employees together, and once they were all assembled fifteen minutes later I laid things out for them.

"Because of a family emergency, I'm likely to be gone the next week or so. I'm telling him right now, in front of you guys - and gals - that when I get back he is to report to me any lax behavior, any lack of cooperation, and any 'attitude.' I can guarantee you that if I receive a report about anyone your ass will be grass. I walked among the fifty person crew, looking each person in the eye, and repeated "any questions" five or six times.

I really liked Charlene from the moment that I met her, and she seemed to really like me.

Jimmy told me on several occasions that he was happy that his best long term friend and wife got along so well.

I answered it only because the Caller ID said that it was from Jimmy's land line. "Hello, Brad," a voice that I didn't immediately recognize reverberated in my earpiece. "Thank you so much, Brad - Charlene will be so happy," Cindy replied, then we mutually terminated the call.

At the start of this tale, Melissa Minton was my wife of five years; we married a year after we graduated from college.

Jimmy left his family's business about a year after he got married - much to their consternation - and worked as a salesman for hi-tech products, eventually servicing a four state area.

Charlene Walters nee Simpson was Jimmy's wife of about three years at the start of this tale.

Melissa seemed to like Jimmy - or at least didn't dislike him - and though she was polite to Charlene didn't have any respect for Charlene because she was too wimpy for her, given Melissa's strong personality.

Melissa was close to her family, especially her father, who was a successful businessman in the city that we lived in.

He was state runner-up in wrestling at 165 pounds his senior year.