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At this time, viral load skyrockets, increasing a person’s infectiousness by as much as 26 times (the same thing as saying “26-fold”).

So right there, the per-act risk of receptive vaginal transmission jumps from 1 out of 1,250 exposures to 1 out of 50 exposures, and the risk of receptive anal sex goes from 1 out of 70 to higher than 1 out of 3.

They are general ballpark figures that do not reflect the many factors that can raise and lower risk.

One such factor is acute infection, the period of six to 12 weeks after contracting the virus.

Vaginal conditions such as bacterial vaginosis, dryness and menstruation also alter risk. Circumcision does so an average of 60 percent for heterosexual men.

HIV-positive people who have an undetectable viral load thanks to their meds can reduce transmission risk by 96 percent, a concept known as “treatment as prevention.” Early results from the ongoing PARTNER study (to be completed in 2017) found zero transmissions among both straight and gay serodiscordant couples when the positive partner was on successful treatment, even if STIs were present.

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The risk from giving a blowjob to an HIV-positive man not on treatment is at most 1 in 2,500 (or 0.04 percent per act).Of course, these numbers will vary based on correct and consistent use of the prevention strategy.Researchers also view risk through the constructs of family, relationships, community and socioeconomic status.So how do we go from the odds being 1 out of 70 that HIV will be transmitted during the most risky sex act to the odds being 1 out of 2 that young gay men in the United States will contract HIV before they’re 50?

(And before you even think it: No, the answer is not that everyone with HIV is a ginormous slut who has never heard of safer sex.) For starters, you have to understand that these probabilities of HIV transmission per single exposure are averages.A quick example: According to CDC data, 84 percent of HIV-positive women contract the virus through heterosexual contact.

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