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The Website Payments Pro version charges a monthly fee but gives a more professional look to the e-commerce website as payment process takes place directly on the site rather than having customers redirected to Pay Pal to enter payment information.

Credit Card Reader devices that plug into smart phones and i Pads are available from a variety of vendors including Square, Intuit, and Pay Pal.

A merchant account is an agreement made between the business/seller, the bank where the merchant account is held and the payment processor to settle all transactions made by debit and credit cards.

The fees associated with these accounts are usually in the following categories: monthly, discount rate and transaction.

The rate that a business is charged for debit and credit card services provided by its merchant account is called a merchant discount rate.

A merchant account is a type of account, approved by a certain bank, that allows its owners to accept credit cards as a form of payment for their goods and services.

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Note that for taking credit card payments over the internet you also need a payment gateway, which authenticates the submitted credit card information (the same as a handheld point of sale machine does in a traditional bricks and mortar establishment).

Additional fees can increase the total fee per credit card transaction to over 3%, so you'll want to shop and compare when looking for a merchant account - be aware that in addition to extra fees, some also come with contracts that are minimum term and cannot be canceled without penalty.