Accommodating others

07-Jun-2019 05:30

She was referring to a popular argument in the country's discourse on immigration in recent months: Germany is shrinking rapidly, and the trend is expected to get worse in the coming years.

By 2060, there will be only about 68 million to 73 million people in Germany, according to current predictions by the country's statistical office — compared with about 81 million now.

Its government has historically been among the world's most accommodating when it comes to refugees, which explains Sweden's quick reaction in the current crisis.

Whereas Germans are particularly looking for engineers and workers with technical skills, many Swedish job vacancies require either European higher education degrees or excellent knowledge of the Swedish language.

Nearly half of all foreign-born people ages 25 to 64 are unemployed.

"There just aren't many jobs anymore for the very low-skilled," Tino Sanandaji, a Swedish economist with the Research Institute of Industrial Economics, was quoted as saying by Al Jazeera English.

Today, there are three working-age Germans per retiree.

By 2060, however, that ratio will be less than 2 to 1, according to the European Commission.

[ Already today, Germany lacks young, skilled workers.

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