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Bid to Move Movie City Who discovered Robert Taylor ? It has no railway station, no municipal building of any kind, and no post office. Tom Walls is rather surprisingly seventh on the list, ahead of Ernst Lubitsch, Victor Saville, Rene Clair and George Cukor. PICTUREGOER Weekly July 3, 1937 m L MVRNA* LOY The tremendous rise in popular- ' ity among British filmgoers of Myrna Loy is indicated in the fact that she occupies second place in the latest Bernstein Questionnaire list of screen favourites. This anti- septic medication also prevents chafing and has a beneficial effect on the skin. His new booklct,"Fcmtninc Hygiene — Some Remarks and Advice," dealing authorita- tively with the subject, is offered to you free of charge. Per bottle l/€ CY.7» " CAMELIA " SOL UBLE TOWELS, not treated by the Vanderised process, with loop or tab ends, are still obtainable at six for dd or 12 for 1/-. 27 On the morning of August 3rd, 1914, Boul surprised Chico by giving him a beautiful gold watch.

Talkie Tom Sawyer chosen Hitchcock's new Thriller Mary Clare Returns to Screen A DETERMINED bid is at present being made to put Hollywood on the map ! Indeed, only by the courtesy of those in charge of the United States mails are your fan letters ever delivered. I was personally rather interested in that rugged 5 per cent, of fans who, the questionnaire shows, go to the pictures more than three times a week. Myrna will be seen next as Kitty 0 Shea in " Porne!! Entirely new in shape, it gives perfect protection with the greatest possible comfort. Van de Velde's booklet and know just how important correct feminine hygiene is and how great an advance Camelia de Luxe VANDERISED Towels are on ordinary methods of sanitary pro- tection.

Don't you think that you are becoming too closely associated with the more sobby Hollywood forms of manufactured emotionalism, particularly in those mother- love roles, of which you apparently have another in Confcssior. You have pretty well run the entire gamut of filmic feminine suffering. Another question brings forth an overwhelming majority in favour of two-feature programmes as opposed to one " big " picture and shorts — roughly 80 per cent, to 20 per cent. The adhesive properties also come from the same process and not from extra adhesive substances which only clog and harden the skin. Large size box 2,3 Half size box 1/3 ^AIR^PUN 3 At your favourite shop, or at the Coty Salon, 2 New Bond Street, W. VAN DE VELDE, World-Famous Specialist, has written A BOOHLEf ABODE WOMAN'S MOIY DIFFICULI PROBLEM The most fastidious woman may cause embarrassment to others at certain times. Van de Velde, who is one of the world's greatest gynaecological specialists, explains the reasons for this and how it can be avoided in future. Van de Velde, and is the only towel which fulfils all the requirements of perfect sanitary protection— Deodorizing, Antiseptic, Prophylactic, Specially Shaped Per Dozen 1/6 VAX DEMISED DEODORIZING ★ PROPHYLACTIC ANTISEPTIC ★ SPECIALLY SHAPED VANDERISED TOILET WATER Dr.

We think we speak for many picturegoers when we say that we would like to see a revival of the charming and sophisticated Kay Francis of One Way Passage and Trouble In Paradise. There is an equally decisive vote for the inclusion of stage shows in the programme. Bernstein's patrons evidently like their money's worth.) Frank Capra is named as Number One Direc- tor. "Femi- nine Hygiene — Some Remarks and Advice" by Dr. The booklet also explains how he has revolutionised sanitary protection with the Camelia de Luxe VANDER- ISED Towel. Van de Velde's preparation rendering it completely deodorizing. Van dc Vcldc has probably made greater contributions to the advancement of the science of gynaecology than any other living authority. Van dc Velde recommends this toilet water for external intimate hygiene. Added to the washing water it neutralizes all body odours (perspiration, etc.) and leaves a feeling of personal freshness.

About a year later the movie cameras that were to make it the most famous place in the world were first set up there. And as is far too frequently the case, it was Hollywood that gave him the opportunity which had been denied him in British studios. Rachel, Hruncctc, ind Sunbiocm) 2 GARY COOPER Masculine Film Favourite Number One if 160,000 Englishmen (and women) who contributed to the Bernstein Questionnaire can't be wrong.