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01-Aug-2019 22:26

She has a consistent track record of strategic growth and has multi-industry knowledge.

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BWG and conference participants have been an important contributor to our corporate marketplace growth.

Expertise in security analytics, insider threat, and AML, (Anti Fraud, Anticounterfeiting, Track and Trace, Chain of Custody). First it helps me sharpen the saw on my technical and security thought leadership and opinions, elevator pitches as it's in a live web conf 5 min presentation format - practice makes perfect.

Second it is with a rotating group of peer and client security experts of varying backgrounds and locations which keeps me informed, challenged and honest on those formulated opinions while building up my trusted network." I love thinking up and creating digital things that make people fall in love with brands. "Contributing to thoughtful, engaging conversations around highly specialized topics makes me a better designer, leader and thinker. " Claude founded Renovator’s Supply in 1978 as a small global manufacturer of Plumbing, Hardware, Lighting and Decorative accents for home and commercial building and renovation projects.

Jason oversees all real estate and leasing activity for Tower Co as well as being Tower Co’s General Counsel.

He has worked on numerous large and small scale tower acquisitions totaling over 19,000 towers during his long tenured career in the wireless business.He handles business and product development, special projects as well as coordination between operations in the US, China and India.