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14-May-2019 20:42

That alone separates it from the rest of the History Channel pack.In true History Channel fashion, the documentary itself is an overly dramatic, heavy-handed affair, complete with a faux-eerie score (Rule #1: photos of Hitler must be accompanied by horror-movie music cues), hushed experts prone to overstating the import of particular facts, and the sense that the production is a stone skipping along the surface of a much deeper pond.

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The experience is front-heavy on the whole and Wilkinson's narration lords over the soundscape, sure. All things considered, WWII in 3D conducts itself with sonic honor and never allows the audio to overwhelm or detract from the 3D imagery in any way. Ignore the title, shelve your preconceived notions and give this little History Channel gem a shot.Again, the MVC-encoded 3D presentation doesn't disappoint.